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September 23 2013

For years, I professed my belief that sleep was for tortured geniuses and members of the canine class. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” More recently, I’ve taken up sleeping in deference to my body clock, so I eschew alarm clocks[…]

September 17 2013

Robert Wright for, March 6, 2013 I visited ?!WhatIf Innovation Partners’ NYC office yesterday, an innovation consultancy whose space has been written up in the NYTimes section more than once. For those of us wishing for a workplace revolution[…]

September 3 2013

As much as companies today yearn for creativity and innovation, they are astonishingly inattentive to offering outlets for creativity to employees. Yet, here’s the thing: you can only learn creativity by doing creativity. We’re all creative. Yeah, yeah, tell me[…]

August 27 2013

If you’re selling an innovation, persuading a prospect to purchase your product or service is not the endpoint. Getting them to use it is because that’s how you’re going to diffuse your innovation through recommendations, expanded organization adoption and a[…]

August 14 2013

Last week, I was at the Omega Institute for “Family Week”, the annual family camp that the retreat center has held for some 30 years. Kicking and screaming somewhat stupidly for an innovation coach, I ended up in a writing[…]

August 8 2013

“Consultants get hired to ask the questions no one else in the organization will ask,” a lunch companion declared confidently. Later that same day, I read a blog post on education that discussed elements of the classroom and teaching paradigm[…]

August 1 2013

Evolution teaches us that failure, not success, breeds a better dinosaur. So, when an organization shares, “best practices”, the meta communication is, “Do it this way, because then you won’t screw up.” They’ve handed out the coloring books, and the[…]