Empower collaboration. Spark innovation. Work better, together. Mottspoint helps your small to medium-sized business realize its full potential.

Technology is meant to facilitate our work, passion, and creativity, but too often it serves as an obstacle. That’s where we come in. Mottspoint advises companies on tech solutions and strategies tailored to their unique budget, personnel, and plan for growth. The result is deeper connections,
better output, and reenergized businesses.

Mottspoint also coaches executives to be social media mavens and helps startups navigate the labyrinthine path to growth and success. Read on.

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Technology exists to make everything easier, more productive, and more collaborative. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Mottspoint believes in harnessing technology to help companies realize their full potential. We offer a host of “E”volutionary consulting services, from tech startup advice, to maximizing collaboration, social media training, and mold-shattering workshops to promote innovation, leadership, and creativity.

Founder Jennifer Naylor is our lead consultant and chief innovation officer. She imparts insight gleaned from her extensive experience, ranging from corporate boardrooms, to the lean startups disrupting the corporate world, to the angel investors who fund those startups. Her unique brand of creative consulting offers a shot in the arm and a kick in the pants to companies of any size and scope, from pre-launch startups to multinational conglomerates and everyone in between.

As a former executive at Cablevision, Jennifer understands how even the largest companies sink or swim on creativity and collaboration. As the former managing director of Goldenseeds, the fourth largest angel investor network in the US, Jennifer knows which funding and exit strategies work—and which ones don’t.

Jennifer is actively engaged in several tech-centric ventures, supplementing her experience with up-to-the-minute knowledge. She sits on the advisory boards of 3PL Central, a fast-growing warehouse management software company; Power Manage Concepts, a consultancy focused on the design and optimization of mission critical infrastructure; The Center for Board Excellence, whose innovative software assesses and optimizes board performance and governance; and the New York Institute of Technology School of Computing and Engineering.

Simply having technology isn’t enough: you have to know how to use it. Mottspoint helps companies work better, think deeper, and achieve more with the right tech, the right strategy, and the insight to twine the two together.


Jennifer has been pleased to collaborate with and advise the following groups in the select areas of expertise: The Center for Board Excellence : performance assessments for corporate boards as well as cyber risk management communications; Collective HR Solutions : the use of virtual worlds for corporate training modules, social media communications and growth strategy; Mobilosophy : innovation culture and creativity training; Strategic Consulting Services : business development and strategic communications advisement

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* See The National Institute for Play, , no unkindness intended 🙂


Platform Maximizer

You and your team put in diligent hours. But you consistently feel that all your critical information and ideas are scattershot across different platforms, never unified in one place. If you find yourself hunting through email threads, instant messages, and other random sources for data, documents, and communications, we can help.

We are collaboration consultants. We help small to mid-sized businesses (and teams within them) strategize and implement custom tech solutions tied to their unique growth strategy. This includes knowledge management tools and platforms, file management and storage systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, project management systems, employee onboarding, and a host of other efficient solutions.

First, we learn what you do and how you do it. This might involve team observation, immersion, and interviews with users and leadership.

Next, we research a range of platforms, software, and other technology, ideal for your size, budget, projects, and workflow. We foolproof our recommendations, and present them to your leadership team.

No tool is any good unless it’s fully understood, adopted, and utilized. So once you make your pick(s), we help you to implement. This involves deployment and training, both within and across specific teams.

If you’re interested in turbo-charging the way your company works, call us for a free consultation.

Social Media Training

You appreciate the opportunities of a robust online presence, but you’re unsure how to play smart in the fast-paced, interactive game that is social media. Which platforms should you participate in? How do you formulate an appropriate strategy? How do you spread and allocate your resources (hint: it’s probably not an intern)?

Social media is more than simply posting your products and logging likes, it’s a savvy way to approach modern marketing. As an increasingly important vehicle for both your personal and corporate brand, you can’t afford to ignore the plethora of platforms.

Mottspoint offers immersive social media training for both individuals (typically executives and owners) and organizations. You’ll learn how to leverage an entire suite of social media platforms. Mottspoint looks at where you are now and maps out a clear path to success. Social media training includes up-to-the-minute strategies, guidelines on posting, and tips on creating and expressing an empowering, distinctive voice.








Tech Startup Strategizer

Technology startups make the world a better place: they maximize convenience and productivity, help us get connected, and liberate us to focus on what we do and enjoy best.

But sometimes tech startups need a little help themselves.

That’s where Mottspoint comes in. Mottspoint enables tech startups to go toe-to-toe with the titans of tech. We can conduct your market analysis, develop a prime user adoption plan, optimize the user experience, and map out funding and exit strategies. We shun cookie-cutter consultations to focus on your unique needs, crafting creative solutions suited to your team, your product, and your market.

Due to a multifaceted background, we’ve got both big-picture and micro-specific business acumen to give startups the leg up they need. Founder Jennifer Naylor is a former executive for one of the largest cable companies in the U.S. After that, she spent years evaluating portfolio companies for a renowned national angel network. She is one of the most creative strategists in the field–and she can help your tech start-up at every stage of its growth.

Contact us today to see how we can help you do your part in saving the world.






Creating a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is the engine that drives success. It can re-contextualize obstacles, unveil opportunities, and produce new solutions. But cultivating a work environment that spurs innovation is no simple task: it takes a profound transformation involving self-reflection and the rediscovery of your own agency.

This workshop is designed both for teams charged with driving innovation, and those that wish to reinvigorate interaction. You and your team will acquire new skills for sustaining a stronger workplace. Our sessions also serve as an opportunity for honest and open communication. A free exchange of each member’s needs, expectations, and yes, even frustrations clear the way for a dynamic reorientation.

After this workshop, teams gain a deeper sense of mission. This impacts every aspect of your work, from product development, to customer relations, to intra- and cross-team communication. Each group develops its own unique action plan to improve innovation, based on the recognition that every individual is responsible for the team’s success. This workshop provides both the opportunity and the means to the means to work together towards a more effective, efficient, and innovative workplace.

Transformational Leadership

In the modern workforce, employees are looking to align their own aspirations with their company’s greater mission. In contrast with yesterday’s top-down chain-of-command, today’s leaders often experience better results generating self-motivated growth and development.

Intended for your entire team, this workshop is designed to explore the nature of collective leadership. Through a series of unprecedented exercises, teams will gain astonishing new problem solving skills, as well as actionable techniques for conflict resolution. Our sessions are engaging, interactive, and profoundly transformational.

Our sessions serve as a unique opportunity for open communication: executives and managers will particularly benefit from hearing how their teams respond to different leadership styles. Sharing honest dialogue on leadership inspires renewed purpose. As your team members realize how their personal aspirations dovetail with the company’s mission, your work environment becomes reinvigorated, more intimate, and more productive.

Tapping Into Creativity

Today’s jobs demand more creativity than ever before, yet seldom provide an opportunity to explore what that truly means. Few creative professionals can explicitly tell you how their creative process actually works. This workshop is intended for teams and individuals to discover the inner workings of their creative engines and how to turbo-charge them for a more powerful result.

We’ll explore the finer nuances of the creative process, conducting exercises that spur your imagination through a unique immersion into work with rustic materials. Teams will also look at what factors can hinder their imagination and develop concrete steps to improve and empower their right brains. Participants will come to understand of their own ideation process, gaining access to the hidden door to intuitive intelligence.

This workshop is co-taught with natural artist Daniel Mack. Our sessions are loosely structured, allowing each individual to find his or her own creative approach, process, and rhythm. An immerse experience that teaches teams to tap into their own unconscious powers, this workshop is recommended for any professional who wants to explore the source of good ideas.

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